National School of Engineers of Sfax
The National School of engineers of Sfax (ENIS) [source] was founded by the law that transformed the Faculty of sciences and techniques of Sfax founded in 1975 into the current school. ENIS has ever since played a major role in the development of :
  • Sfax Biotechnical Center (CBS)
  • The faculty of Sciences of Sfax (FSS)
  • The Preparotory Institue for Engineering studies of Sfax (IPEIS)


The research activities within the ReDCAD group [source] belong to the field of adaptive distributed applications and are particularly interested in the development of models, approaches, techniques and tools which help to design and implement adaptive distributed applications. These approaches are applied to collaborative activities, distributed algorithms, and pervasive software. Different software technologies are addressed, like objects, agents, components, and web services.

Application areas

        Military                    Domestic           Environmental


        Medical                    Transport             Agricultural

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