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Avrora is a simulator specifically designed for sensor networks embedded in Java. Similar to Atemu, Avrora can also simulate April MICA2 sensor nodes based microcontroller. This simulator was developed by the University of California at Los Angeles, Compilers Group. It is the extension of TOSSIM containing a model of energy consumption. It is the term used to refer to the Atmel processor core and the implementing microcontroller family.
Avrora provides a wide range of tools that can be used in the simulation of sensor networks. This simulator combines the merits of TOSSIM and Atemu, and the limits of their disadvantages.
Avrora also supports the simulation of energy consumption. This simulator provides open sources and documents online. In addition, Avrora can not simulate the network management algorithms, because it does not provide tools for network communication.


The main room [source] is the Avrora simulator. It simulates the operation of the MCU, the program and emulate devices that interact with the program. In addition, it provides an API to probe and monitor the program of study for its execution debugging, profiling and testing purposes.
It allows [source] simulation experiments with networks of more than 10,000 nodes and performs up to 20 times faster than previous emulators with the same precision. Unlike Atemu and TOSSIM, Avrora is based on Java and simulates each node as its own thread, while executing code Mica.

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