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AvroraZ, a research center of AWS, is an extension of the Avrora emulator - part of simulation and analysis of April - that allows the emulation of platforms based sensor node Microcontroller Atmel AVR with IEEE 802.15.4 compliant radio pieces thus allowing the emulation of sensor nodes such as MicaZ crossbow.
AvroraZ is based on the design, implementation and verification of several extensions to Avrora: the address identification algorithm, a model for indoor radio, clear channel assessment (CCA) and quality indicator link (LQI) of the IEEE 802.15.4 standard.
The motivation for this implementation is to allow the accurate emulation of IEEE 802.15.4-based protocols without any changes in the code developed for the real hardware.
The deployment of wireless sensor networks can now be performed with more confidence after detailed instruction-level simulation was performed. In addition, several interesting research questions can now be simulated with AvroraZ. We list some in the following:
- Base Layer: RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) and the correlation may indicate the quality of each channel. They can be used to improve routing metrics in a network layer and positioning systems in different applications.
- Low power consumption: the implementation provides all 32 power levels provided by the CC2420 radio chip. Therefore, a power control algorithm for low power consumption can be simulated and tested with AvroraZ.
- Avoiding interference: a record time of recorded sound in real-world scenarios with jamming devices in the ISM band can be introduced into the simulator. This feature, along with 16 multi intended and designed to protect the interference between different channels of CC2420, can help researchers perform simulations of multi-channel protocol AvroraZ to avoid interference in the ISM band.
- IEEE 802.15.4 implementation: the implementation is designed referring to the CC2420 RF chip, it has the characteristic of physical .15.4 802 as CCA, RSSI, LQI, multi-channel and CRC etc.. Therefore, developers can simulate 802.15.4 standard implementations already working in real networks on AvroraZ.

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