We propose AZEM simulator (AvroraZ + Energy + Mobility), which is an extended version of the AvroraZ simulator. AZEM allows specifying separately the energy value of each node at design time, where AvroraZ gives a single energy value to all nodes. Also, it enables the dynamically change of the geographical position of a node at runtime.
Indeed, WSN simulators are classified onto different categories regarding the different levels of the simulation system. We focus on simulators that model accurately the hardware of sensor platforms. This class of simulators is called instruction set level. The leader of that class is Avrora.
Avrora has been extended by AvroraZ which enables an accurate simulation of IEEE 802.15.4 based protocols. This simulator scales to up to 10,000 nodes and can handle as many as 25 nodes in real-time. AvroraZ are language and operating system independent.
AZEM extends AvroraZ with Energy and Mobility management. We are more interested in simulating network dynamic adaptation rather than performance. AZEM is an appropriate tool that interacts with a sensor network by sending adaptation commands. It also deals with different types of node with different types of operating system.
Changes brought to AvroraZ are illustrated in detailed in the Class diagram page.

Application areas

        Military                    Domestic           Environmental


        Medical                    Transport             Agricultural

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