Why simulating WSN?
When developing or researching in WSN domains, it is better to use WSN simulators for many reasons. On the one hand, it is so expensive to experiment WSN on real world which consists of tens or hundreds of sensor nodes and gateways. On the other hand, the distributed nature of WSNs makes debugging of applications a very difficult task. So, using WSN simulator can help researchers and developers of WSN applications to fetch and correct majority of bugs and code issues before performing deployment on the real world.
For that purpose, we propose a new WSN simulator, called AZEM, that enhances Avrora with new functionalities.

AZEM : a new WSN simulator
AZEM is an extended version of AvroraZ that we developed in order to consider Energy and Mobility monitoring and management. Compared to other simulators which simulate a static or pre-programmed scenario, AZEM enables interactivity during the simulation. For instance, it offers a GUI to modify the sensor position during the simulation process.

AZEM: a new Wireless Sensor Network Simulator

Application areas

        Military                    Domestic           Environmental


        Medical                    Transport             Agricultural

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If you have any questions/comments about AZEM, please contact Riadh Ben Halima and Ahmed Jemal
National School of Engineering of Sfax (ENIS), ReDCAD Laboratory, Route de Soukra Km 4, PB 1173, Sfax-Tunisia