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[10] Ghaida Albakri, Rahma Bouaziz, A Scoping Review of the Literature on the Current Mental Health Status of Developers, Chapter in , Springer International Publishing, 2021. [bibtex] [doi]
[9] Amina Chaabane, Salma Bradai, Wassef Louati, Mohamed Jmaiel, Composite Event Handling over a Distributed Event-Based System, Chapter in (Roger Lee, ed.), Springer International Publishing, 2018. [bibtex] [doi]
[8] Salma Bradai, Sofien Khemakhem, Mohamed Jmaiel, Handbook of Research on Architectural Trends in Service-Driven Computing, Chapter in Discovering Services in Mobile Environments: Discussion and Evaluation of Trends, IGI Global, volume 2, 2014. [bibtex] [doi]
[7] Emna Mezghani, Riadh Ben Halima, Khalil Drira, DRAAS: Dynamically Reconfigurable Architecture for Autonomic Services., Chapter in (Athman Bouguettaya, Quan Z. Sheng, Florian Daniel, eds.), Springer, 2014. [bibtex] [doi]
[6] Maissa Ben Jamâa, Anis Koubâa, Nouha Baccour, Yasir Kayani, Khaled Al-Shalfan, Mohamed Jmaiel, EasyLoc: Plug-and-Play RSS-Based Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks, Chapter in (Anis Koubâa, Abdelmajid Khelil, eds.), Springer Berlin Heidelberg, volume 507, 2014. [bibtex] [doi]
[5] Laurent Pautet, Bechir Zalila, Modélisation et analyse de systèmes embarqués, Chapter in Génération de code partir du modèle (Fabrice Kordon, Jérôme Hugues, Agusti Canals, Alain Dohet, eds.), Hermes Science, 2013. [bibtex]
[4] Laurent Pautet, Bechir Zalila, Embedded Systems: Analysis and Modeling with SysML, UML and AADL, Chapter in Model-Based Code Generation (Fabrice Kordon, Jérôme Hugues, Agusti Canals, Alain Dohet, eds.), Wiley-ISTE, 2013. [bibtex]
[3] Mohamed Nadhmi Miladi, Mariam Lahami, Mohamed Jmaiel, Khalil Drira, Methodologies for Non-functional Requirements in Service-oriented Architecture, Chapter in A Unified Deployment and Management Model for Dynamic and Distributed Software Architectures (N. Milanovic (Ed.), ed.), IGI Global, volume ch010, 2011. [bibtex] [doi]
[2] Jerome Lacouture, Ismael Bouassida Rodriguez, Jean-Paul Arcangeli, Christophe Chassot, Thierry Desprats, Khalil Drira, Francisco Garijo, Victor Noel, Michelle Sibilla, Catherine Tessier, Mission-aware adaptive communication for collaborative mobile entities, Chapter in , IGI Global, 2011. [bibtex] [doi]
[1] Sofien Khemakhem, Khalil Drira, Mohamed Jmaiel, Modern Software Engineering Concepts and Practices: Advanced Approaches, Chapter in Description, classification and discovery approaches for software components: a comparative study (Ali H. Dogru, Veli Biçer, eds.), IGI Global, 2011. [bibtex] [doi]


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