Research interests

  • Business process management
  • Service oriented computing
  • Cloud computing
  • Ph.D. research work

    My current reasearch focuses on business-aware management of service-based applications (SBAs) in the cloud. In fact, managing SBAs during their execution consists in monitoring and configuring them as well as their business and execution environments. In terms of configuration, there is a great focus on configuring non-functional properties of SBAs, while functional properties are rarely considered. In addition, dynamically changing business environments requires SBAs to be monitored and yet configured not only from non-functional point of view but also from functional and business points of view.

    MS resarch work

    My main fields of interest in the MS reasearch work were  concentrated on managing communities of Web services registries in a distributed environment. Our majour contribution is a graph-based approach for managing registries and communities to reconcile conflicts result of the dynamic change aspect of Web service registries.