Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ahmed Hadj Kacem

Research Topics

Our research activities are concentrated on distributed adaptive software. These software, generally, composed of many distributed ineracting software entities, must undergo various modifications (at both architectural and behavioral levels) during their execution in order to respond to new user's requirements or to changes in their execution context. These new requirements introduce a complexity resulting from an abundant interaction between the distributed software entities and of the dynamics of their software architecture. The strong presence of this software in several critical sectors, such as the financial sector, the medical sector, and the public transport sector, requires their reliability. Thus, our objectives are to provide environments that provide support and assistance for developing, deploying and dynamic managing (at runtime) of the adaptive distributed software allowing to master their complexity and to ensure their reliability. In order to achieve this, we are seeking to develop models, methods, tools and mechanisms for designing, validating, deploying, and managing adaptive distributed software. Application domains are cooperative activities, distributed algorithms, and pervasive systems. The implementation of these applications considers various software technologies, such as the object, the agent, the component, and Web services, and target various material platforms, such that mobile terminals (PDA), wireless sensors, grid of computers, etc.

In our work, we adopted a model oriented approach for all provisioning phases of the adaptive software (design and development, description and discovery, deployment and management). We proposed methods, for describing and managing dynamic software architectures, based on formally provable visual models.


National School of Engineering of Sfax

University of Sfax, Tunisia


Prof. Dr. Eng. Mohamed Jmaiel

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