CTDS 2009





     Marcel Kunze (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)


Dr. Marcel Kunze performs systems research in the area of dynamic and scalable web based services at the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT). He is committed to R&D in the field of service oriented architectures, virtualization techniques and system development. His working groups are engaged in many national and international research projects such as Software-Cluster, trusted cloud initiative, and the Open Cirrus cloud computing testbed under the sponsorship of HP, Intel and Yahoo! He is a member of the editorial board of the GSTF International Journal on Computing and the new Springer Journal of Cloud Computing. He is one of the authors of the well-known Springer cloud computing book. Dr. Kunze received a PhD in Physics at Karlsruhe University in 1990 and finished a habilitation thesis on artificial neural systems at Bochum University in 1996. Since then he joined SLAC / Stanford University to investigate and further develop the Grid Computing paradigm for distributed processing of particle physics data. As an associate professor he was teaching particle physics, distributed systems and software design. In 2002 Dr. Kunze joined Research Centre Karlsruhe as a department leader for "Grid Computing and e-Science" to work on the establishment of the LHC Computing Grid and the German D-Grid initiative. With the transition to KIT, as a leading scientist Dr. Kunze is heading a cloud computing research group at the Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC) and a cloud computing lab at the Engineering and Mathematics Computing Lab (EMCL).


      Matthew Smith (Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany)


Prof. Smith is a Professor of Computer Science at the Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany where he leads the Distributed Computing & Security Group. He completed his studies of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering at the University of Siegen, Germany with distinction. Subsequently he was a full time researcher at the Philipps Universität Marburg, Germany where he completed his PhD in 2008, also with distinction. In 2009 he was awarded the PhD Prize for outstanding innovation by the Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Forschungstransfers (GFFT e.V.). His current research is focused on the usability aspects of security and privacy mechanisms with a wide range of application areas. These areas include Cloud Computing, e-Research Infrastructures, Social Networking and Mobile Computing. He is a member of IEEE and the ACM SIGSAC.

Rana Khalil (EMC, Egypt)


Rana Ahmed Khalil, got her B.Sc in Digital Media Engineering and Technology, the German University in Cairo, June 2010. From August 2010 till April 2012, she worked at Mobinil – a telecommunication operator within its ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) department. In April 2012, Rana joined EMC, working as a project Manager, after attending GSAP, a 5 weeks EMC international program in Boston, USA. Within her years as student she have trained in several multination companies such as IBM, Orange, Vodafone, and was also a trainee at ULM University in Germany.


Sven Vowé (Fraunhofer SIT, Germany)


Sven Vowé, Dipl.Inform., 2008 diploma in Computer Science from University of Technology Darmstadt, Germany with emphasis on IT-Security and Cryptography. He joined the Fraunhofer Institute for Security Information Technology (SIT) scientific staff in the same year and has been working in the department "Transactional and Document Security", performing security analysis and concepts for web applications, email-gateways, data encryption and smart card technology. As part time personnel of Security Test-Lab (STL), he conducted several web application penetration tests for external customers. In late 2010, he joined the newly formed department 'Cloud, Identity and Privacy' (CIP), where his core activities encompass vulnerability analysis, security concepts and practical security in the field of Cloud Computing, and particularly Cloud Storage Systems.


Karim Chine (Cloud ERA LDT, UK)


Karim chine is a software architect, an entrepreneur and a European commission's cloud computing and research infrastructures' expert. After graduating from the French Ecole Polytechnique and Telecom ParisTech, he occupied various positions within Industry and Academia. Karim was a stuff member respectively at Schlumberger, IBM, EBI and Imperial College London. He is the founder of cloud era, a UK-based start-up specializing in Scientific software-as-a-service. Karim is the author and designer of Elastic-R, a pioneering Virtual Research Environment for scientific and statstical computing, reproducible research and collaboration in the cloud.


Benjamin Schmeling (SAP Research, SAP AG,, Germany)


Benjamin Schmeling works at SAP Research in Darmstadt on the german research project Software Cluster, which investigates next generation cloud-based business software platforms. After his studies at Technical University of Darmstadt in 2005 he started to work as a software engineer and consultant developing model-driven software solutions. He is an committer for the Fornax project where he is responsible for the JPA and JSF cartridges for Open Architecture Ware. Since 2009 he pursues his PhD in the Software Technology Group at Technical University of Darmstadt. His current research interests lie in service-oriented architectures, especially web service composition, the modularization of non-functional concerns and cloud computing.


Henning Perl (Leibniz University Hanover, Germany)


Henning Perl received his masters degree in computer science in December 2011 from the Leibniz University Hanover, Germany and joined the university's Distributed Computing & Security Group in January 2012 as a doctorate student. While he was still a graduate student he developed the first open-source homomorphic cryptography library. His research interest include homomorphic cryptography and its application in Cloud Computing and he is one of the lead developers of hCrypt.com..

Anja Strunk (Technical University of Dresden, Germany)


Anja Strunk is working at the Technical University of Dresden, where she studied computer science and graduated in 2006. Subsequently to her final degree, she started to work as full time research assistant at the Technical University of Dresden and joined the chair of computer networks. Her research interest was the Internet of services, especially Quality of Service (QoS) of business processes using parts of the Internet of Services. Anja Strunk received her PhD in 2010 and changed over to cloud computing, where she is investigating efficiency and security of cloud computing.

Yvonne Thoss (Technical University of Dresden, Germany)


Yvonne Thoss works since April 2011 as a research assistant and PhD Student at the Faculty of Computer Science of Technical University Dresden, Germany. She is currently active in the project FlexCloud (http://flexcloud.eu/?lang=en) , which investigates Flexible Service Architectures for Cloud Computing. Before that she received in March 2011 a german diplom (equivalent to Master) in Media Computer Science also from Technical University Dresden.