Dr. Ismael Bouassida Rodriguez
          Ismail Bouassida      
Associate Professor in Computer Science
High Institute of Computer Science and Multimedia of Sfax,
University of Sfax, Tunisia

Member of the ReDCAD Laboratory
Research laboratory on Development and Control of Distributed Applications (ReDCAD),
Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics,
National Engineering School of Sfax,
University of Sfax, Tunisia

Associate resercher on CRNS
Digital Research Center of Sfax (CRNS), Tunisia

Email: Bouassida@redcad.org


  • Co-organizer of workshop on Adaptive Service-oriented and Cloud Applications ASOCA2017@ICSOC2017 http://www.redcad.org/events/asoca2017/
    Extended selected papers of ASOCA2017 will be published in the Invited Special Issue on Adaptive and reconfigurable service-oriented, cloud and virtualized architectures in IET Software Impact Factor: 0.733
  • Co-organizer of 14th workshop on Methods for the Adaptive Distributed Software (METHODICA'2017) http://www.redcad.org/events/methodica/2017/


National School of Engineering of Sfax

University of Sfax, Tunisia


Prof. Dr. Eng. Mohamed Jmaiel

Email: mohamed.jmaiel@enis.rnu.tn
Web: www.redcad.org/members/jmaiel
Phone: +216 74 666 578


National School of Engineers of Sfax
Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
ReDCAD Laboratory
B.P. 1173, 3038 Sfax, Tunisia