Dr. Ismael Bouassida Rodriguez

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My main fields of interest are software engineering of distributed systems, graphs grammars, self-adaptive and pervasive systems, and autonomic middleware. My interests include also formal design, implementation, testing and provisioning of distributed communicating systems and cooperative networked services, model-based analysis and design of correctness properties including testability, robustness, adaptability and reconfiguration.

Guest editor of:
- FGCS:Future Generation Computer Systems
- JSS:Journal of Systems and Software
- IJCENT: International Journal of Collaborative Enterprises
- IJAACS: International Journal of Autonomous and Adaptive Communications Systems

Organization Committee Member of:
- Co-Chair of: AROSA 2013, AROSA 2014, MOLCA 2014, AROSA 2015, ASOCA 2016

Program Committee Member of:
- CAL 2010, Web2Touch 2012, Crisis 2012, AROSA 2013, PMDE'2013, iCEER 2013
- CAL 2013, ECSA 2013, Web2Touch 2014, MOLCA 2014, CAL 2014
- CAL 2015 (TPCC), MESM'2015, AICCSA 2015
- CSP'2016, Web2Touch 2016, AICCSA 2016, SWC 2016, FNC 2016, IPAC'2016
- CSP'2017, Web2Touch 2017, FNC 2017

Reviewer of the following conferences and journals :
- WCNC 2007, NOTERE 2008, NOTERE 2009, CRiSIS'2009, SSD'09, NOTERE 2010, CAL 2010, IEEE WCNC 2010 - MAC
- ICE-B 2010, ECSA 2010, MISC 2010, ICSOC 2010, ICWUS 2010, ADAPTIVE 2010, OPODIS'10
- ECSA 2011, ICCA 2011, WETICE 2012, CRISIS 2012, CAL 2013, ICEER 2013, WETICE 2013, ECSA 2013, PMDE 2013
- Int. Journal On Advances in Systems and Measurements, International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems
- Journal of Sensor and Actuator Networks, International Journal of Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering
- International Journal of Applied Decision Sciences, Interactive Technology and Smart Education
- Journal of Universal Computer Science, International Journal of Communication Networks and Distributed Systems
- International Journal of Computer Aided Engineering and Technology,Future Generation Computer Systems Journal
- Journal of Systems and Software
- Handbook of Research on Mobility and Computing
- Future Generation Computer Systems
- Service Oriented Computing and Applications


GMTE, the graph matching and transformation engine is an efficient tool we have been implementing in C++. It is an efficient implementation of an extension of Messmer's algorithm. Our experiments show that the tool is capable of searching small and medium graph patterns in huge graphs in a short time. When only constant labels are considered, its complexity is similar to the complexity of Ullmann's algorithm. The tool can be used non-interactively as a C++ library providing a function that can be invoked from either a C++ or a Java main program. The tool can be used as a C++ executable that reads rule graph and host graph description from input GraphXML files.

GMTE is available here

BiGMTE, BiGMTE is a tool for bigraph matching and transformation. It allows to execute the application of a reaction rule on a given bigraph to be rewritten (i.e., determines for a given bigraph B and a reaction rule R whether and how the reaction rule can be applied to rewrite the bigraph B). This execution under BiGMTE is based on graph rewirinting.


National School of Engineering of Sfax

University of Sfax, Tunisia


Prof. Dr. Eng. Mohamed Jmaiel

Email: mohamed.jmaiel@enis.rnu.tn
Web: www.redcad.org/members/jmaiel
Phone: +216 74 666 578


National School of Engineers of Sfax
Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
ReDCAD Laboratory
B.P. 1173, 3038 Sfax, Tunisia