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 April 05, 2010


A first paper resuming the main contributions of the AO4AADL language is submitted to the European Conference on Software Architecture (ECSA 2010, Copenhagen) as an emerging research paper.


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Aspect Oriented Extension for AADL



    AO4AADL  is an aspect oriented architectural language for embedded systems. Our language manipulates aspect oriented concepts at the software architecture level in order to master complexity and ensure scalability of such systems.

    AO4AADL is an aspect oriented extension for AADL. This language considers aspects as an extension concept of AADL components called aspect annex. Instead of defining a new aspect oriented ADL, we extend AADL, a well-known ADL, with an aspect annex. So we consider, in this work, that aspects can be specified in a language other than AADL, and then integrated in AADL models as annexes. Based on the annex extension mechanism, we propose to enrich AADL specifications with aspect concepts.

    We defined a rigorous grammar for our new language AO4AADL. The syntax of this grammar is inspired from that of AspectJ language. We also proposed a generation process of AO4AADL specifications to executable aspect code. The transformation rules are available in the following PDF.

    We extended AADL language for several reasons: It is a concrete ADL in which all elements of a description correspond to concrete entities that allows describing both hardware and software parts of the system. Compared with other ADLs, AADL introduces two extension mechanisms: properties and annexes. These mechanisms make the language much easier to extend. Moreover, they offer a good foundation for additional capabilities in analysis, automated system integration, distribution, and dynamism.

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