National School of Engineering of Sfax (ENIS),
Department of the Computer Science and Applied Mathematics (DGIMA),
Route de Soukra Km 4, PB 1173, Sfax-Tunisie.

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Research activities

My main research focused on image retrieval area. I consider that there are many very important problems in this research area, such as structured image retrieval and multimodal image retrieval. The following parts will show my research on these main problems.

Multimodal image retrieval
"Applying LDA in Contextual Image Retrieval - ReDCAD participation at ImageCLEF Flickr Photo Retrieval 2012", CLEF 2012

"Evaluating Some Contextual Factors for Image Retrieval - ReDCAD Participation at ImageCLEF Wikipedia 2011", CLEF 2011
Structured image retrieval
"Combination of document structure and links for multimedia object retrieval", Journal of Information Science, 2012

"Exploitation des liens pour la recherche d'images dans des documents XML", CORIA 2010