National School of Engineering of Sfax (ENIS),
Department of the Computer Science and Applied Mathematics (DGIMA),
Route de Soukra Km 4, PB 1173, Sfax-Tunisie.

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International Journals Articles

[1] H. AOUADI, M. Torjmen-Khemakhem and M. Ben Jemaa. Combination of document structure and links for multimedia object retrieval. Journal of Information Science, 38(5), pp. 442-458, October 2012. [ BibTeX |DOI ]

Papers in Proceedings of International Conference

[1] H. AWADI, M. Torjmen-Khemakhem and M. Ben Jemaa. Applying LDA in Contextual Image Retrieval - ReDCAD participation at ImageCLEF Flickr Photo Retrieval 2012. CLEF 2012(Online Working Notes/Labs/Workshop), 2012. [ BibTeX |PDF ]

[2] H. AWADI, M. Torjmen and M. Ben Jemaa. Evaluating Some Contextual Factors for Image Retrieval - ReDCAD Participation at ImageCLEF Wikipedia 2011. CLEF 2011 Labs and Workshop, Notebook Papers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 19-22 2011. [ BibTeX |PDF ]

[3] H. AWADI and M. Torjmen. Exploitation des liens pour la recherche d'images dans des documents XML. In Proceedings of the 7th French Information Retrieval Conference CORIA 2010 - COnférence en Recherche d'Infomations et Applications, Sousse, Tunisia, March 18-20 2010. [ BibTeX |PDF ]


This poster describes my contributions master's thesis work. It was presented at the CORIA'2010 conference held on March 2010 in Sousse, Tunisia.