1. Tool
  2. Version History
  3. Installation Instructions
  1. Tool
  2. WSCCT 1.0: the current official release of the academic version.
  3. Version History
  4. This version history documents the developments in WSCCT since the first beta release of WSCCT in August 12, 2011.
    12 August 2011: First official Beta Version.
    20 march 2012: Second Beta Version.
    • Updating of WSCCT interface.
    • Using Web services in the communication between the tester and the test enviroment.
    • Adding the type: 'switch' with one condition.
    • Bug fixes, etc.
  5. Installation Instructions
  6. To download and install the current version of WSCCT:
    1. Download the zip-file containing the installation files from here.
    2. Unzip the downloaded zip-file. This creates the directories: Tester and demo. The Tester-directory contains the code source of WSCCT core. The directory demo contains some demo files. A third directory should be added: it concerns the jdom-directory which is used to parse and manipulate wsdl files using standard Java constructs. To obtain this jdom-directory, you should download from then unzip it.
    3. Make sure that you have the Java version 6 (e.g. J2SE Java Runtime Environment) or later version installed and properly configured on your system. The WSCCT GUI will not run without Java installed. Java for Windows can be downloaded from
    4. Copy and paste the tester directory in the application that contains the BPEL composition to test (We will later create and use “BloodBanking” application for WSCCT tool demonstration).
    5. In JDeveloper, select the previous application (In our case: “BloodBanking”). Then, go to the File menu, click “open” and choose “Tester.jpr” in the Tester directory.
    In the application navigator, the Tester folder is added.
    The package tester should contain the classes required for executing the test (as explained in the next section: How to use WSCCT tool?).

    Please e-mail if you have problems to install and configure the WSCCT tool, if you find bugs or if you have suggestions to improve our WSCCT tool.

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