ICTAC 2019 will be held at Hammamet city-Tunisia, 60 Km south east of the northern peninsula of Cap-Bon. Hammamet has among North Africa's finest beach resorts. Once a sleepy fishing village, Hammamet (the name comes from the Arabic al-hammamat, meaning 'the baths') was awakened to its tourist potential back in the 1920s when a flock of wealthy and arty Americans and Europeans decided to make the beautiful bay their destination. Despite its modern architectural and human incursions, Hammamet retains its sense of exotic history, dominated by its 15th-century medina and souk packed with treasures like carpets, brass ornaments, jewellery, pottery, and leather goods. The narrow winding alleys also conceal bright, whitewashed windowless houses behind splendid ornate doors. Hammamet also extends on large fields of orange trees well known by their authentic taste.