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 Associate Professor in Computer Science
Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
National School of Engineers of Sfax - Tunisia
University of Sfax
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I was a visiting professor in Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management Research Lab of York University, Toronto, Canada, from September, 16th to October, 06 , 2011.
During my stay, I worked on the medical image retrieval research topic.

Research Topics

  • Multimedia retrieval in semi structured documents
  • Combination of content and context based image retrieval
  • Semantic Multimedia Annotation
  • Medical Image Retrieval




  • Mouna Torjmen. Recherche contextuelle d'images dans des documents XML. Master's thesis, Paul Sabatier University, July 2006.
  • Mouna Torjmen. Approches de Recherche Multimedia dans des Documents Semi-Structurès: Utilisation du contexte textuel et structurel pour la selection d'objets multimedia. PhD thesis,Paul Sabatier University , December 2009.

Educational Activities

  • Databases
  • Distributed Databases
  • Object Oriented Programming in JAVA.
  • Information Retrieval


-Member of the NTSID Master Commission.

Past Activities

The aim of my PhD was to investigate the use of XML structure in multimedia retrieval, particularly in context-based image retrieval. I proposed methods to represent multimedia elements:
  • the first one is based on implicit use of textual and structural context of multimedia elements. It consists of representing multimedia elements through their children, brother and ancestor elements.
  • the second one makes an explicit use of both sources. It is based on an analogy between the XML document tree and an ontology. It consists of defining a measure to compute the participation degree of each textual node in the multimedia element representation. This measure is defined thanks to similarity measures applied on ontologies, and more precisely on those based on edge-counting measures between two concepts.
I have proposed also a method to retrieve multimedia fragments using the multimedia elements and the document structure.
You can see my previous work and activities at this URL (French version).
Last update: 20-10-2011