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  Research Unit on Development and Control of Distributed Applications

Dr. Eng. Sofien Chtourou
Assistant in Computer Science
Higher Institute of Computer Sciences and Multimedia
University of Sfax - Tunisia

Address: Technological center of Sfax BP 242 sfax 3021, Sfax, Tunisia
Phone: +216 74 862 233 (post 203)
Fax: +216 74 862 432

  • S.Chtourou, M. Chtourou, O. Hammami, “A Hybrid Approach for Training Recurrent Neural Networks: Application to Multi-Step- Ahead Prediction of Noisy and Large Data Sets”, Neural Computing and Applications (Springer), Volume 17, Issue 3, April 2008, pp 245-254.
  • S. Chtourou, O.Hammami and M.Chtourou, “JPEG-2000 Workload Prediction for Adaptive System on Chip Entropy Coders Architecture”, Proceedings IEEE International Joint Conference in Neural Network IJCNN’06, July 16-21, 2006, Vancouver, Canada, pp. 5114-5121.
  • S. Chtourou, M. Chtourou and O. Hammami, “Performance Evaluation of Neural Network Prediction for Data Prefetching in Embedded Applications”, Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Science ICCS'06, Vol. 12, Mars 29-31, 2006, Vienna, Austria, pp. 53-57.
  • S. Chtourou and O.Hammami, “Design Space Exploration of SystemC SOM Implementation”, Proceedings IEEE International Conference on Information & communications technology ICICT'05, December 05-06, 2005, Cairo, pp. 159-169. (best paper award)
  • S. Chtourou and O.Hammami, “Space Exploration of Behavioral Synthesis Options on Area, Performance and Power consumption”, Proceedings IEEE International Conference on Microelectronics, December 13-15, 2005, Pakistan, pp. 67-71.
  • S.Chtourou and O.Hammami, “Space Exploration of Behavioral Synthesis Options on Area and Performance”, Third IEEE International Conference on Systems, Signals & Devices SSD'05, Mars 21-24, 2005, Tunisia.
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