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Imen Graja
ReDCAD laboratory   |  FSEGS   |  University of Sfax
Research laboratory on Development and Control of Distributed Applications

Present Focus

PhD Candidate – Computer Science, Faculty of Economics and Management of Sfax-Tunisia, January 2013 – Present

Research Assistant - University of Sfax, ReDCAD, September 2011 – Present


Master of Science – Computer Science and Information Systems, Faculty of Economics and Management of Sfax-Tunisia, September 2011 – December 2012

Bachelor of Science – Computer Science Applied to Management, Faculty of Economics Sciences and Management of Sfax-Tunisia, September 2006 – June 2010

Baccalaureate in Mathematics, Hay ElHabib Secondary School in Sfax-Tunisia, June 2006


Department of Computer Science
Faculty of Economics and Management of Sfax (FSEGS).
University of Sfax.

Address: FSEGS, B.P. 1088, 3018 Sfax, Tunisia
Phone: (+216) 21 26 82 76
Email :

Research activities

Research areas:
Software systems architecture, cyber-physical systems, theoretical verification of behavior, and business process modeling. Emphasis on collaboration between cyber-physical services to build complex systems.

PhD Topics:
In the contexte of Cyber-physical systems (CPS), CPS processes is one of the challenging features. My research focuses on proposing a set of extensions for BPMN to properly and accurately model CPS processes. In particular, we focus on time properties to provide supports for the time dimension in CPS.


International Conference Papers
DBLP Publications

  • Imen Graja, Nawal Guermouche, Ahmed Hadj Kacem, Khalil Drira. An Approach for Multiple-Instance Based Service Composition. In SCC, 435-442, New York City, NY, USA 2015. [ BibTeX ]

  • Imen Graja, Imen Loulou, Ahmed Hadj Kacem. SOA-CoM: Building a Correct by Design Service Oriented Architectural Style - Supporting Structural and Non-functional Properties. In ENASE, 172-179, Lisbon, Portugal 2014. [ BibTeX ]

Educational activities

Teaching Assistant: University of Sfax, Faculty of Economics and Management of Sfax, September 2014 – january 2015
- Course: Introduction to Computer Science, IT and Internet Certificate (C2i)
- Designed efficient tutorials and taught hands that helped students’ improve their understanding of course materials.