EAI 2012

Call for Participation in the 2012 German-Arab Startup Competition (GASC 2012)
Sponsored by DAAD, Transformation Partnership Program

The German Arab Startup Competition (GASC 2012) is an international competition aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and promoting a “start-up culture" in universities in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, and Germany. The organization committee of this competition is soliciting submissions describing startup ideas in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) domain from students, doctoral candidates or academic staff of universities in the countries listed above. Graduates who finished their studies not longer than 2 years ago are also eligible. Individuals and/or teams of up to 4 people are encouraged to submit their proposals.

Projects will be evaluated by an international jury based on a set of criteria including the viability and the novelty of the business idea. Accepted projects from the countries listed above will be invited to attend a training week in Marburg, Germany in October 2012. The travel, accommodation, and training costs will be covered by the DAAD project "Fostering Entrepreneurial Spirit for Academic Innovations in Information Technology" in the context of the DAAD transformation partnership program.

  • August 25th, 2012: submission deadline (extended to August 31)
  • September 12th, 2012: announcement of the winners
  • October 9th until October 12th, 2012: startup training for the accepted projects in Marburg, Germany
  • October 12th: announcement of the winner(s)


Participants are requested to submit through easychair. A presentation in English of their startup idea in the ICT domain according to a template downloadable here. Participants can also upload additional material through easychair, such as an executive summary, a business plan, a video, etc. Please create and upload one zip file containing the presentation and the other material. All submissions will be treated confidentially by the organizers and by the jury. Intellectual property will be protected.

Accepted Projects (Phase 1)

  • Lezar.com, Tunisia: Ben Abdallah Mohamed Ali, Charmiti Achref, Bezrati Abdeljlil and Ben Abdallah Maha
  • RevYou, Egypt: Tarek Safawt, Mohamed Bakoush, Islam Tarek and Ehab Zinary
  • TicLife, Tunisia: Yassine Tounsi, Walid Ayadi and Yassine Derbel
  • CNIT, Morrocco: Hind Jabir, Audrey Mabiala
  • Wiled solution, Tunisia: Moez Lachnab
  • Smart solution, Tunisia: Amine Guettat, Ali Abdmouleh, Anas Chelly and Mouna Kessentini
  • Teen for Taqua, Morrocco: Meryeme Ayache
  • App Top, Tunisia: Bilel Ammar
  • ProCAN, Tunisia: Wajdi Louati, Slim Kallel and Riadh Benhalima

Winner projects (Phase 2)

  • 1st Prize: Teen for Taqua, Morrocco: Meryeme Ayache
  • 2nd Prize: ProCAN, Tunisia: Wajdi Louati, Slim Kallel and Riadh Benhalima
  • 3rd Prize: RevYou, Egypt: Tarek Safawt, Mohamed Bakoush, Islam Tarek and Ehab Zinary


  • Sherwat Elwan, German University Cairo, Egypt
  • Fatma Meawad, German University Cairo, Egypt
  • Jihene Makni, Sfax University, Tunisia
  • Mondher Kanfir, Wiki Start-Up, Tunisia
  • Abdellah Elmanouar, ENSIAS, Morocco (pending)
  • Christian Sturm, University Hamm-Lippstadt, Germany
  • Gert Schorradt, Germany
  • Anis Charfi, SAP Research, Germany
  • Bernd Freisleben, University of Marburg, Germany


  • Bernd Freisleben, Philipps-Universität Marburg , Germany (Co-chair)
  • Anis Charfi, SAP Research, Germany (Co-chair)
  • Mira Mezini, Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany
  • Slim Abdennadher, German University Cairo, Egypt
  • Mohamed Erradi, ENSIAS, University of Mohammed V, Morocco
  • Abdelmajid Ben Hamadou, ISIMS, University of Sfax, Tunisia
  • Mohamed Jmaiel, ENIS, University of Sfax, Tunisia
  • Slim Kallel, FSEGS, University of Sfax, Tunisia

You can download this call here as PDF.
All presentations can be downloaded here

For further information please contact one of the organizers.