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Proposition sujet de Thèse de Doctorat :

[Sujet 01]

Several models and architectures are proposed to support Multiparty VoIP (MVoIP) services. Initial solutions are based on network infrastructure and use routers to redirect live streams for large groups of participants by using multicasting addresses. Since not all routers in the Internet are IP-multicast enabled, this creates a major deployment problem. To overcome this shortcoming, actual MVoIP solutions implement multicast services on top of the IP unicast service of end-systems. The aim is to create an overlay communication topology based on application-links known as Application Layer Multicast (ALM) systems. ALM brings the advantage of requiring only application software installation on host peers without any added network infrastructure.

The aim of this thesis is to study different MVoIP architectures, and to propose a P2P model adapted for Large Scale Communication.

The Quality of exchanged media flow on the porposed architecture can be assessed and compared with previous models using omnet Simulation environment (with INET) and ffmpeg codecs.

For more details, please contact Dr Wajdi Elleuch (Wajdi.Elleuch@Enis.tn)


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