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My academic background and my research were firstly oriented to the computer and software engineering domains. Subsequently, I applied this expertise by coupling it to the computer networks field to focus my expertise on the development of multimedia services over IP specially using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). These SIP based services mainly include Voice over IP, video over IP, multiparty VoIP, instant messaging, presence service, et.

After this experience in the field of Software Engineering, I have focused my expertise since 2004 to the development of communication services over IP. I acted during two years as a research engineer on the development of IP telephony services on behalf of Mediatrix and M5T companies (companies that belong to the Media5 group) based in Sherbrooke (Quebec). Both companies are complementary and specialized in the development of software  (secure SIP/SDP/RTP/RTCP stacks) as well as hardware components (manufacturing of IP telephony devices). This experience allowed me to gain more experience in programming within multitasking real-time services context for multimedia communications over IP networks. Meanwhile, I have also developed a global vision on the architectures and software/hardware interactions for the implementation of these services (Registar Server, Redirect Server, Presence Server, Proxy Server, etc.). However, this expertise was focused in the context of a multimedia communication between only two participants (not taking into account the multiusers mode).

Since 2006, and as part of my PhD work, I am interested in expanding multimedia communications between stakeholders to apply them to multi-user context (multipoint communication). I explored several concepts and architectures to meet the needs of a multipoint videoconferences (management and conference announcement, management of participants and their access rights, management of "Quality of Service" (QoS), video and audio qualities, Floor control for managing dialogue, securing communication, etc. ). So I experimented and used different models: from some basic models like "end-system mixing" or "conference-server mixing", to more complex models like the "fully meshed" one. Towards the end of my PhD I introduced new model that enables support for large scale conferences using a P2P approach.

Since 2010, I had some collaborations with north americain compagnies and institutions. I'm acting as independant expert for projects for  providing and designing innovative multimedia services based on SIP protocol. I'm also acting as reviewer for IEEE Communication Magazine as well as for some other journals the the International Journal of Network Protocols and  Algorithms, or some IEEE conferences like CCNC.


I also worked at the University of Sherbrooke as a lecturer to teach mainly object-oriented programming as well as networks and protocols courses for students graduating from the Faculty of Engineering (Computer Engineering) and ISECS (University of Sfax in Tunisia). I participated in the study and implementation of several projects in collaboration with the company M5T (Sherbrooke). These projects focused on (1) the introduction of videoconferencing when participants are interconnected via a fully meshed network, (2) the use of PDAs and thin clients to participate in videoconferences (application developed under Windows Mobile), (3) integration of presence information and multimedia conferences (4) the establishment of a videoconference with the exchange of medical data (electrocardiogram) between physicians and the ambulance transporting the patient.

In recent years I have published and presented several works in IEEE international conferences. In 2008 I also filed and obtained a patent (PCT application) in the field of videoconferencing with the option of session mobility during a multipoint communication to enable participants to seamlessly switch from one device to another one without interruption.

In 2015, I published a Book on the Multimedia Session Mobility in SIP based Communication field. 



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