I recently become an Assistant in the High Institute of Computer Science of Mahdia

A book chapter accepted in Springer Special Edition on Cooperative Robots and Sensor Networks

A survey paper accepted in Wireless Personal Communications Journal

Attendance of RoboSense school 2012

A Demo paper accepted in RoboSense school 2012

Financial and Registration Co-Chairs of RoboSense School

Member in the organization committee of RoboSense School

Attendance and participation in METHODICA'2012 at Kerkena.

Attendance of METHODICA'2011 at Douz.

Attendance and participation in METHODICA'2011 at Sfax.

CONET Best Academic Master Thesis award in EWSN 2011, February 23-25, Germany 2011.

Master Thesis defense in the 27th of July 2010.

Best demo award in Sensornets'09 School, December 17-21, Monastir 2009.