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Research Unit on Development and Control of Distributed Applications

Current Position

PhD student, National School of Engineering of Sfax-Tunisia


Engineer degree in Computer Science from the National School of Engineering of Sfax-Tunisia, in 2011.

M.S. degree in Computer Science from the National School of Engineers of Sfax-Tunisia, in 2012.


National School of Engineering of Sfax (ENIS)
Department of the Computer Science and Applied Mathematics (DGIMA)
Route de Soukra Km 4, PB 1173, Sfax-Tunisie
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Research activities

Research Topics
My current research focuses on Privacy in the Cloud.
We aim to propose an approach that ensure protection and control of private data in the Cloud by proposing a new tool to guide user to specify his privacy policies,a new mecanism for ensuring enforcement of this policies in the Cloud, and finally,a new mecanism for ensuring control and auditing in the Cloud.

Master's thesis
We proposed a new development process for dynamically reconfigurable DRTE (distributed real time embedded) systems. It is an MDE (Model Driven Engineering) process which offers different levels of abstraction. Some refinements and have been defined to allow the passage from one level of abstraction to a more refined one up to code generation. This process is based on the new modeling concept MetaMode allowing the specification of a multitude of operational modes of the system. Reconfiguration policies have been proposed to allow the choice of the appropriate modes, in terms of consumption of material resources, for the functioning of the system.

Publications[ DBLP ]

International Conferences Papers

[1] Fatma Krichen, Amal Ghorbel, Brahim Hamid, Bechir Zalila: An MDE-Based Approach for Reconfigurable DRE Systems. WETICE 2012: 78-83

Masters Thesis

Amal GHORBEL. Génération de code pour les Système TR2E Dynamiquement reconfigurable. Master's thesis, National School of Engineering of Sfax, University of Sfax, Tunisia 2012.