11th workshop on Methods for the Adaptive Distributed Software


December 23 - 24, 2014, Sfax - Tunisia

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The workshop METHODICA'2014 is organized by the research Laboratory ReDCAD (Research Laboratory on development and control of distributed applications) of the national school of engineers of Sfax in collaboration with the Association of the Computer applied to the management (AIG). The workshop gathers the members of the ReDCAD research Laboratory during two days, and will join them with their Tunisian and foreign collaborators. The objective is to create a synergy of competences between the researchers by the presentation and the discussion of the progress reports of their research tasks.
  1. To motivate & encourage the young researchers to publish their research tasks.
  2. To give the opportunity to the young researchers to present and discuss their work with experts of the field.
  3. To establish exchanges and collaborations of research.


The program of this workshop will comprise seminars presented by invited lecturers, university professors as well as presentations given by young Tunisian researchers. Work and the seminars presented address design methods and techniques for developing adaptive distributed applications. In particular, the following topics will be accentuated:
  • Formal approaches of design of adaptive distributed applications.
  • Deployment and management of adaptive distributed applications.
  • Distributed applications containing agents and mobile components.
  • Modeling and evaluation of the quality of service of the ad hoc networks.

This 11th session of the workshop on methods for the adaptive distributed software is organized in December 23 - 24, 2014, Sfax - Tunisia.